Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Straightening Your Teeth?

Most health insurance plans don't cover the costs of regular or cosmetic dental procedures, including braces. However, there are still ways to get help with the cost of aligners. Anthem offers discount programs that may help you save on certain types of aligners. Additionally, clear aligners are becoming an increasingly popular option for straightening teeth, and they may be covered by dental insurance depending on your plan.

Dental savings plans and discount programs are also available, but you should read the fine print and ask specifically if you can use the plan for orthodontic appliances for adults. Invisalign is a transparent and nearly invisible option for straightening teeth, so most people won't know that you're undergoing treatment unless you tell them. Metal wires connected to the teeth by metal brackets are a traditional method of aligning teeth, but aligners usually take longer to move teeth than other types of braces and cannot be used for serious misalignments of the jaw and teeth. We would need to perform a thorough examination of the patient's mouth to see what would happen if the aligners only worked to straighten the top layer of the teeth. Adults who choose to straighten their teeth must still go to work, give presentations and speeches, work closely with others, and maintain a professional appearance. To move teeth to their ideal position, braces or aligners must apply gentle force to the teeth for an extended period of time.

Occasionally, the teeth may not stay in the correct position, or sometimes a year or two after treatment, the teeth may move slightly backwards. If your Anthem plan doesn't cover aligners, you can still get help with the cost of orthodontic appliances for adults. There are less invasive and less visible ways to perfect your smile without traditional orthodontic appliances and, sometimes, without going to the orthodontist every month. And with dental insurance coverage or discount programs, this option can be more accessible and affordable.

Corinne Martin
Corinne Martin

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