What Type of Braces Should I Use for Teeth Straightening?

Clear aligners are the ideal choice for adults who want to straighten their teeth. They can be used alone or in combination with other orthodontic treatments to achieve a beautiful smile. There are various types of braces that are commonly used for teeth alignment, such as metal, transparent, and lingual braces. Metal braces provide an affordable solution for straightening your teeth.

The metal brackets must be attached to the teeth and then a wire is passed through them to help place the teeth in position. Small elastic bands are used to hold the wire in place. Orthodontists and dentists who specialize in aligning the teeth or jaw use dental appliances to straighten their teeth. People may receive orthodontic treatment with orthodontic appliances for various reasons, such as improving their appearance or correcting overcrowding or problems with the bite.

Invisalign is a great option for straightening teeth that is completely different from traditional braces. Ceramic braces are the most popular among patients who don't think Invisalign or lingual braces are suitable for them, but still want to straighten their teeth discreetly and affordably. Rather than brackets and wires, transparent aligners use a series of custom-made trays to straighten your teeth over time. Clear aligners are an excellent choice for patients with mild to moderate crooked teeth and irregular spaces between teeth.

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