Can I Get My Teeth Straightened If I Have a Missing Tooth or Gap in My Smile?

When teeth are missing, adjacent teeth often move into the empty space, creating problems that can be corrected and prevented with orthodontic treatment. Invisalign can be used with dental implants to provide you with the straight teeth and smile of your dreams, or without implants to restructure the spacing of your teeth. Periodontal health is essential for successful orthodontic treatment, as the tissues surrounding the teeth must rebuild themselves as the teeth move. If tooth loss was caused by periodontal disease, or if the jaw and gum tissue around existing teeth are unhealthy, it could complicate straightening treatment.

Straightening your teeth can cost between £3500 and £5000, and an implant between £1500 and £3000. Teeth that are not properly aligned may require dental restorative treatment before new teeth are placed. An orthodontist will work with you to ensure that missing molars don't adversely affect the ability of the Invisalign aligner to straighten your teeth. If you are missing a full tooth and there is full dental space, the best solution is to straighten all other teeth and then replace the missing tooth.

After a while, the space left by a missing tooth can cause other permanent teeth to align incorrectly, leading to jaw problems, a bad bite, and crooked teeth. Invisalign is a brand of transparent dental appliances that uses a series of almost undetectable aligners to straighten teeth. You'll still need to use retainers to ensure that your teeth don't move back to their original positions and to allow them to stabilize in their new positions. Straightening your teeth is often an important step in obtaining an attractive, fully functional smile.

Interdisciplinary dentistry combines the best of each discipline - orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and implantology - to offer the best possible smile. In some cases, the dentist may suggest straightening your teeth first and then placing a dental implant or bridge.

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