Do I Need to Wear a Retainer After Getting My Teeth Straightened?

If you want to maintain your straight teeth after removing your braces, you should consider wearing a retainer. This device helps keep your teeth in the desired position for many years. It is important to follow your healthcare provider's instructions for the use of a retainer for best results. In short, the answer is yes.

Braces are designed to apply enough pressure to guide the teeth into the right positions, while retainers simply hold them in place. If your retainer still fits comfortably, you should continue wearing it, especially if you start to notice any unwanted movement. It turns out that retainers can help with this. They not only keep your teeth in place, but they can also help with minor oral issues that may arise years after your braces have been removed.

It is also a great way to save money, although you may still need to visit your dentist to see if it is a viable option. After years of hard work with orthodontic treatment, you may start to notice gaps between your teeth and other signs of crooked or misaligned teeth. If you have ever used a retainer to keep your teeth in place, you may be thinking of finding it again to try and straighten them.

Corinne Martin
Corinne Martin

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