Can I Straighten My Teeth at Home?

Orthodontists have recently warned about the potential risks of using at-home teeth straightening kits, as they can cause irreparable damage to teeth without proper professional supervision. Invisible aligners are a great way to achieve aesthetic results, but if you want to change the physical shape of your teeth, fixed braces or invasive procedures such as IPR would be recommended. Factors such as thin, heavily worn and deformed teeth could also compromise treatment if the forces applied by the aligners are not properly resisted. Straightening teeth is a complex process and even dentists require additional training for some methods.

Oral health problems can lead to complications in teeth straightening treatment if not properly addressed. Invisible aligners are designed to fit the teeth perfectly and apply pressure gently, so that, over the course of a few months, they acquire the ideal arc shape, creating space for the teeth to align easily and form a straighter smile. It's no wonder that many people are looking for cheaper home remedies to straighten their teeth naturally. However, using elastic bands as a home method for straightening your teeth can cause a gum infection or worse.

If you like the idea of buying aligners from the most established brand in the home teeth straightening industry, SmileDirectClub could be the right option for you. Because transparent aligners adapt to the position of the front teeth, they are ideal for people who want to straighten their smile without using conventional dental appliances and, at the same time, save time and money. Straightening your teeth at home is very convenient because the process is completely remote. After you send your impression kit or dental scans, a dental professional will analyze them and use specialized software to create digital models of your teeth and aligners for each stage of the process.

However, if you have more complex cases that require more than just straightening your teeth, these cases are best treated in a clinic. Your case will be reviewed, planned and approved by an authorized team of experts experienced in treating teeth with aligners. With proper supervision and guidance from an experienced professional, you can safely and effectively straighten your teeth at home.

Corinne Martin
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