Is it Worth it to Straighten Your Teeth?

Straightening your teeth can help keep your teeth healthy and reduce the chance of tooth decay. This is because it's easier to reach all of your teeth when they are aligned. Orthodontic treatment can also have a major impact on speech disorders related to the teeth or jaw. It can create harmony in the chewing system, reducing excessive pressure on the joint and chewing muscles, which can help alleviate tooth and jaw pain, temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction, as well as associated headaches, ears, and neck aches.

The main reason people straighten their teeth is due to a desire to improve their appearance. No one will deny that straight white teeth are more attractive than yellow, crooked teeth. Straightening your teeth also prevents them from fracturing by protruding them back into the mouth. A great smile can lead to greater self-esteem and that benefits your social and professional success.

In a survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Invisalign, 92% of adults surveyed who straightened their teeth said that having a great smile was important to their self-confidence. Respondents perceived that people with straight teeth were more successful, intelligent and reliable than those with crooked teeth. Millions of adults, teens and children have changed their lives with a change of image and have improved their lives and health by correcting their teeth and bites. The long-term effects of orthodontics are quite profound, and straightening your teeth is a sure way to improve oral health, overall health and confidence.

If you're looking to improve your appearance and your levels of self-confidence, consider investing in straightening your teeth. To get started, contact a certified orthodontic specialist like Dr. at Farmington Dental and Orthodontics at 479-267-5009 to schedule an orthodontic consultation.

Corinne Martin
Corinne Martin

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