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"Dr Krowicki and Staff, thanks so much for taking care of all my kid's teeth. You have provided wonderful service and great smiles over the year for our family !" -The Goodliffes


"Dr. Krowicki and Wonderful Staff, thank you very much for giving me the smile that I'll have all my life. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have spent on me. Your caring and supportive manner have helped make this a positive experience!" -Carter Christie


"Dr. Krowicki, we can’t thank you enough for the positive experience that we had with you and your friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. Using the latest procedures and orthodontic materials provided Samantha with her wonderful smile again, just in time for her high school musical performance and Junior Prom. We also appreciated that you kept prompt appointment schedules and were very accommodating when we needed to drop in for a quick fix on a wire or bracket. We highly recommend your orthodontic care to others." - The Lacey Family


"You have been a most extraordinary team of professionals in every way! Skillful, Helpful, Personable, and Dedicated! Thank you for your excellent standards, your on-time scheduling, and two plus years of predictable warm greetings to me and more importantly, my son!" - Donna & Justin Serio


"Thank you very much for my new smile and all the treats you gave me when I got my braces off. You guys are the best!" - Steven Conway


"Thank you for all your dedication and hard work to make Stephen’s teeth look wonderful! It has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff! We cannot say enough how pleased we are with these beautiful results!" - Mr. & Mrs. Schepel

Damon Smile