Meet Dr. Charles Krowicki

Charles Krowicki, DMD

The practice of orthodontics is very special to me. I enjoy meeting new patients and their families and providing services that go beyond expectations. Our team provides excellent, efficient, and professional treatment in a caring, sensitive, and friendly manner. We pride ourselves for being on time for all our patients’ appointments. Watching a child grow into a young adult while being able to create a beautiful smile for him or her continually rewards me with endless joy. I look forward to celebrating their new smiles and quite often their new outlooks on life. We also enjoy giving our adult patients the smile they have always wanted. We get to know our patients and their families on a personal level, and this often involves the successive treatment of family members. I am always gratified to hear what is happening in our patients’ lives and to share in their accomplishments.


Along the road towards becoming an orthodontist, I attended the following institutions and received both an exceptional education and the skills to provide my patients with the most rewarding and beneficial care.

In the orthodontic community

I have been practicing orthodontics for over 30 years, and during that time, many things have changed. By attending continuing education seminars and meetings on an ongoing basis throughout the years, I have been able to keep up to date with new orthodontic treatment protocols and new technologies. This helps us provide our patients with the most effective, efficient, and comfortable treatments that we can deliver. It is very important to me to meet with and share knowledge with other members in the field of orthodontics. For this reason, our study clubs and societies meet regularly throughout the year.

Professional memberships

Community service

I find it to be very important to have active involvement in my community. For this reason, I have sponsored numerous softball, soccer, and basketball teams over the years. I have also been a long term contributor to local fundraisers, charity events, and non-profit organizations, such as the Women’s Crisis Center, ARC of Hunterdon County, United Way of Hunterdon County, local Boy and Girl Scout troops, Habitat for Humanity, and with many others.

doctor with patient

Dr. Krowicki with one of our patients after she had her braces removed.

Outside the office

My wife Sallyanne, who is my best friend, is a general dentist in the area. She and I have three grown daughters. Erin, our oldest daughter, is also a dentist and works part-time with her mother. Erin is married to Michael. Shannon is seeking a Broadway career and lives in New York City. Meghan, our youngest daughter, is finishing her last semester at UNC Wilmington; she is majoring in Biology and is considering going on to practice medicine. We also have a Norwich Terrier, Wilbur, who is loved by all. I love the time that I can spend with my family. I also have a passion for keeping in shape. I have completed two marathons in less than four hours and still continue to run and lift weights. I also enjoy playing golf with friends.


More about Dr. Krowicki

Dr. Krowicki grew up in Ocean Gate, New Jersey. He became interested in dentistry through his cousin, who was a general dentist, while he was in high school. While in dental school, he was fascinated with orthodontics and immediately attended the orthodontic program and became certified in orthodontics at the age of 26. Dr. Krowicki has lived in Bethlehem Township, New Jersey, with his family since 1979.

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