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Life with Braces

life with braces

Now that you have your braces, how do you take care of them? It's important for you to know how to properly take care of your braces throughout your entire orthodontic treatment.

Eating with braces

A careful orthodontic patient can probably eat almost any food and do no damage to his or her appliance. However, the following three types of food may cause trouble, as may other foods. Use common sense or, if you are in doubt, ask us about some foods you enjoy eating.

Foods to avoid while wearing braces:

  • Sticky foods — damage appliances by bending wires and pulling cement loose.
  • Hard foods — may do damage by bending wires, loosening cement under the bands or breaking the brackets and tubes which are attached.
  • Foods high in sugar content — should be avoided whenever possible. If you do eat any of them, brush your teeth immediately. If not convenient to brush, then always rinse your mouth with water after eating very sweet foods.

Soreness caused from braces and appliances

When you first get your braces, you may notice that your teeth and mouth feel a little tender or sore. This is perfectly normal and we promise your mouth will not be sore forever! 

If the pain is severe, you can also try taking a pain reliever. It is also not uncommon for your lips, cheeks, and tongue to become irritated for one to two weeks as they toughen and become used to the braces. When you first get your braces on, we will give you a goody bag full of all the necessary products to get you through the first several months including a special toothbrush, special floss and wax to relieve tenderness. If you need more of any of the supplies, please let us know.

Loose teeth

If your teeth begin feeling a little loose, don't worry; this is normal! Your braces must first loosen your teeth to move them into the right position. Once your teeth have been repositioned, they will no longer be loose.

Loose wires and bands

The wires and bands on your braces may come loose. If this happens, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check and repair your appliance. If any piece of your appliance comes off, be sure to save it and bring it to the office with you.

If the loose wire is causing irritation to your lips or cheeks, put wax over the broken or poking wire to relieve the pain. 

Take care of your appliances

Damaged appliances can increase the length of your treatment process, so be sure to take care of all your appliances. Your teeth and jaw can only move into their correct positions if you consistently wear the rubber bands, headgear, retainer, or other appliances prescribed by your doctor.

Playing sports with braces

Game, Set, Match — we have great news for athletes! You can still play sports even while undergoing orthodontic treatment! If you do play sports, it's recommended that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and your appliance. Let Dr. Krowicki know if you play a sport and need a mouthguard, we have plenty in the office.

In case of a sports emergency, be sure to immediately check your mouth and appliance for damage. If you notice any loose teeth or appliance damage, please contact our office right away. You can temporarily relieve the discomfort by applying wax or rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.

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